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What we share on website or what you find in this website. our privacy policy are help to understand this site. If You use this website then you will have to follow the instruction & privacy terms of our website. we have a right to block the person who un-follow the privacy policy.

What We share in this website?

  • Here all type of information relative to the Govt. Jobs, also Careers are provided. If you have any query about the information. You can freely ask to post your comment in [email protected].
  • In this website we share the information in simple English related to Govt Jobs, Their Admit Card, their Result, about Career & syllabus also.
  • Besides Govt jobs, we also share the information About The Admission of School, College & University.
  • We sorted Un-trusted jobs in many newspaper. share our review. That is not good to Apply. When You see Review option at my post. so Please do attentions for this type jobs. because my aims is Save Your Time, Save your Money etc.

What We can do for you?

  • The information which we shared. you can comment on sothat We could get a chance change our ways of experience.
  • You can directly suggest to improve the website in the Contact us Menu.
  • What We should share the type of information in website. You can help us. so that we can provide much better information for you.
  • If you have any query, you can ask about that at [email protected].

How use Deepgroups.com?

  • You can’t post unnecessary comments at deepgroups.com.
  • You can post the comments only related to that post and if you have any query without wasting your time you can ask at [email protected].
  • You can’t use abusing words or unnecessary words in comment box.
  • You can not behave in a wrong way with our visitors.
  • If You have any complaint about deepgroups.com you can directly contact us at [email protected].

Third Party Links :

Without our permission, you can not visit your’s website and other’s website. but as per requirement you can post the links. If you will comment without any reason. then absolutely your link or comment will not published. so you should post the links and comments as per requirement.

What We can do on breaking the Privacy Policy?

You can only leave the comments by logging your Gmail id. If you break the Our privacy Policy. Then We can also report about that to google. On doing this, Your Gmail id can also be blocked. then we have no responsibility about that.

  • We can delete your comments and links.
  • We can block you at deepgroups.com.
  • If you blocked, then you can’t visit in future at deepgroups.com.

As you know, Cookies are the small files of every site. so we can use them for the future of site.

Privacy Policy Changes?

Yes, We can change our privacy policy at any time in future.

Term & Conditions :

So Now we hope that, at the time of using our website. You would obey The privacy & policy.

All Right reserved.

We have a Right to delete your comments also to block & spam. so we hope that you will not break the rules of privacy Policy.

Contact us :

If you have any complaint about our privacy polices them you can directly contact us without any hesitation. at [email protected] or contact us menu.